Metering Utility Management

Service guaranteed

Utility Management done right.
U Wise combines modern technology and a passion for the electrical industry.

Accurate meter readings

Timely accounts

Excellent service

Metering Device


Utility wise offers utility and sub-metering management services to large residential, industrial and commercial properties. Utility Wise is your complete metering solution.



We supply, install and manage all pre-paid and Smart meters that you need.

Utility metering service guaranteed

Service Guaranteed

Uwise consists of a skilled and trained team of Marketers, technical personnel and excellent back office to assist in any meter problems.

How do I buy Pre Paid Electricity?

Pre paid electricity can be bought at participating stores, kiosks and online banking, APP or ATM. & also provide easy to use means of buying electricity as well.

Smart Pre-paid

A Smart meter is a meter that can read Peak, standard and off peak tariffs.
Meter readings are updated in real time.

Download the app “Property Wallet” on the app stores.

What we offer

Electrical & Water meters

Management of all Electrical and water meters, Smart and AMR.
Pre-paid metering with own supply group code.
Modern technology, accurate meter readings.


Skilled personnel with expertise in metering (29Years experience).
Lowest Call out fees in Bloemfontein.
24/7 Call centre for meter problems.


Personalised, timely accounts/reports/payouts.
Excellent council contacts.
Professional back office.

Solar Systems

Engineer designed and Funded. Consult us for more information on solar systems